Suddenly someone emerges from the past

It was going to happen.

Someone who knows someone who knows your family and then you’re quickly taken back to your past.

This happened with yesterday’s Facebook post.

My post reached someone who recognized my surname. Are you part of the Cordeschi family?

Of course there are people who are going to know my brothers. Three of them served in the Australian Headquarters for many years. All of them pioneered. Two of them are Elders and they even give talks at the large Jehovah’s Witness assemblies.

Yes, it is I, their little sister. No, they never mentioned me? Of course not. It may have been easier to forget me. After all I wasn’t going to spend everlasting life with them.

I am no longer part of Jehovah’s wonderful organisation.

I am dead to them.

I can simply return. They have thrown that lifeline to me many times. Well, Mum has. And one brother sent me a text once.

The person who wrote to me is an Elder. Yes, he is awake. He has managed to work it out.

He is now in the process of trying to manage the train-wreck that is leaving the organisation. He is going to lose family, wife, children, friends, his whole community. He is going to have to move out, try to finance his new life. He is going to have to navigate a world he doesn’t understand. He is going to have to form relationships with people has been told not to trust all his life. He is going to have PTSD, depression, panic attacks and loneliness.

But he is going to be free.




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