I was interviewed yesterday by a postgrad student- Human Rights

I was reading through Facebook posts on exJW sites, when someone asked if there was a Sydneysider willing to do an interview with a postgrad student about exJWs. I put my hand up straight away.

We met in the city, on Saturday morning. We met at the Conservatorium of Music, because this is where my son has his piano lessons each weekend.

We started awkwardly, but soon got into the flow, once my nerves at being recorded subsided.

She asked me about my upbringing, what it was like to be a JW kid. What we did on a day to day basis, what knocking on doors was like.

I told her everything I could think of. It was a long history in a short period of time. I’m glad I have just finished my book because I used that as my springboard, and everything just flowed.

She asked many questions, and was incredulous at times. She had done her research and she was well aware already of the many injustices that the Witnesses have experienced. She was very familiar with the “two witness rule” and the recent spate of unreported child abuse cases coming to light. She knew about the psychological abuse children are experiencing and the inhumane practice of shunning.

We ended and she was about to walk away, when I stopped her to ask what she had thought about what I had said.

She paused. She had been fairly passive until then. She collected her thoughts and then began expressing so passionately and incredulously how such things had been carrying on for so long. She couldn’t believe why nothing had been done so far as there were clear breaches of Human Rights within the realm of psychological abuse of innocent children and the inhumane tratement of the shunned. She wondered why, as a collective group we hadn’t worked together to bring a case to judgement.

She parted stating that she would do her utmost to deliver our story to the media, to expose the cruelty within the organisation.

I thanked her and felt modestly jubilant and relieved that there were well-meaning people out there, non-exJWs, who were helping to fight our cause.

But yes, we need to get together and get this thing crushed.

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