I wrote an email to thank the Royal Commission Inquiry into the Institutional Abuse of Children

I cried like a baby as I wrote them an email. I didn’t want to ramble, so I made it short and sweet. I wrote it to both Hon. Peter McClellan and Angus Stewart SC.

But it was more than just them, there are several people who have worked really hard to expose the abuse of children by Institutions.

Case 29 of the Royal Commission Inquiry into the Sexual Abuse of Children focused on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. You can look it up.

During their inquiry, they exposed how Jehovah’s Witness are willing to let people be damaged emotionally because they choose to follow ancient laws from the Bible instead.

But not only this, they also talked about shunning.

They repeatedly expressed the immorality of the Witnesses using shunning in this day and age. There was disbelieve in Angus Stewart and Peter McClellan’s voice. How could a religion this day and age cause so much psychological harm with the archaic use of shunning?

Their questioning made me feel loved. The incredulity in their voice, told me they were speaking up for me.

So I wrote to them to thank them, because I am sitting at home, even though the sexual abuse in Case 29 is totally unrelated to me, the subjects they broached (such as shunning) showed the humanity and kindness I have been craving for 21 years.


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